Short videos made for learning, not CLE. Now with CLE.

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CLE from Hotshot: The best of both worlds

CLE tracks let you watch a series of short Hotshot videos and earn CLE credit when you complete the tracks. This gives lawyers the best of both worlds—watching short, practical content designed for learning, while also earning CLE for their time.

Videos on major practice areas and business skills

CLE tracks cover M&A, civil litigation, bankruptcy, accounting and finance for lawyers, securities offerings, venture financing, and commercial contracts, with more coming soon.

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Sign up for a free trial. We have 250 short, engaging courses that are used by lawyers for on-the-job learning and by top law firms to run engaging training programs.

Available CLE Tracks

  • Bankruptcy: Financing, Litigation, and Contracts
  • Chapter 11 Cases, Process, and Documents
  • Civil Litigation: Practice and Process
  • Claims ‘If True’ and Indemnifiable Losses
  • Financial Reporting and Accounting
  • Financial Statements for Lawyers
  • Introduction to Civil Discovery
  • Introduction to Pleadings and Motions
  • Introduction to Restructuring Practice
  • Deal Documents for Venture Deals
  • Deal Structures and Documents for M&A Deals
  • Defending a Corporate Deposition
  • Defending a Deposition
  • Doc Review, Privilege, and Litigation Holds
  • Materiality Scrapes and Sandbagging
  • Raising Venture Capital and Working with VCs
  • Securities Offerings: Deal Documents and Due Diligence
  • Taking a Corporate Deposition
  • Due Diligence and Closings in M&A Deals
  • Expert Depositions
  • Financial Concepts in Legal Practice
  • Financial Literacy for Lawyers
  • Commercial Provisions
  • Taking a Deposition
  • Types of Securities and Offerings
  • Venture Deals: Due Diligence, Term Sheets, Cap Tables, and Venture Math
  • Taking a Corporate Deposition

"This is exactly what on-demand training is. When there's an urgent need, Hotshot's always there."

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Frederick E. Jenney
Senior Counsel, Morrison & Foerster

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Director of Attorney Development
Am Law 50 firm

"I really like the bite-sized videos and appreciate the high-quality materials."

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Shearman & Sterling

Short videos made for learning, not CLE. Now with CLE.